Colour archives

Colour archives

Since 1979,  we have completely reworked our range of colours every four or five years. We have archived our old colours that have featured throughout all these years of architecture.

Our colour archives from 1979 to 2019

Most of the colours are no longer available. However, if you like a specific colour, we can consider a special order. The colours marked with are available in limited quantities. Please contact us by e-mail at

Jaune trafic MR380
Moutarde MGR580
Sable MR270
Loggia JL90
Doré JS97
Jaune JJ97
Zeste JZ88
Audio JA88
Franc JF93
Paille JP06
Vert kiwi MR760
Lichen variante MR660P2
Olivier MR220
Vert tilleul VTI06
Treillage VT90
Fluo VF88
Océan VO97
Vert trafic VT06
Bleu stade MRSFB
Bateau MRBAT
Bleu cobalt BC06
Paquebot BPA90
Thermès BT90
Néon BN90
Bleu MR790
Bleu pacifique MR530
Bleu pacifique MGR530
Bleu lune MRLUN
Bleu Riau MRRIAU
Évanescent BE93
Spatial BS93
Bleu opale BO06
Rose flashy MRFLAP
Violet profond MR560
Lie de vin MRLIE
Florentine MRFLOP
Beige boyela MRBOYP
Bronze MR220
Orange vif MR610
Corail MR600
Cramoisi RC88
Rouge pourpre MRPOUP
Grenat RG97
Églantine MREGL
Noir MR490
Ardoise NAR97
Aubergine NA06
Labo NL88
Transition NT93
Ciné NC90
Indigo NI88
Chiné NCH88
Gris antracite NG06
Rare NR90
Acier NA97
Audio NA88
Cérusé NC88
Gris argent MR540
Gris brun GMR780
Gris argent MR540
Techno NT88
Bassin BB88
Gris métal MR840
Immatériel BI93
Nature BNA90
Calcaire BC90
Ciment MGR700
Archétype BA93

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