Aeria, our fabric for architecture

Aeria is a Texaa hallmark: it is the fabric that covers all its products. It is knitted using a patented process and is sound-transparent, run-resistant and extremely fire-resistant. It is available in two knit sizes and a range of 30 colours. It decorates and protects mainly acoustic technical systems that are to be positioned within volumes to ensure architectural functions.

water repellent and dust-proof
10-year guarantee

Aeria fabric is sound-transparent, i.e. it allows practically all sound to pass through it. This makes it ideal for covering materials that absorb sound that are installed in buildings.

Aeria’s 330 g/m2 density and specific stitch make it totally run-resistant. A hole in the fabric never gets bigger

Aeria is treated to make it antistatic and anti-soiling. It repels water and oils, making it highly resistant to stains. Vacuum cleaning it every one to five years is enough to keep it well maintained.

There are two types of Aeria fabric: Grande Maille (large knit) and Maille Ronde (round knit). Depending on the distance it is observed from, the fabric grain is more or less visible. It contributes a soft, sensual, warm quality to the acoustic solutions developed by Texaa.

High resistance to fire unaffected over time

Aeria is extremely fire-resistant and meets French fire safety standards for buildings open to public access, such as train stations, media centres, concert halls, cafés, schools, etc.

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Scientific combination

Our Aeria fabric covering combined with meticulously selected absorbers make up a variety of acoustic solutions in a range of different configurations.

All our products can be used in public areas. Our materials are all high quality: rust-proof steel frames, fully recycled PVC battens, RI panels with 80% recycled materials, felt, ingenious quality fittings, etc.

How can we help? F.A.Q.

How can I get a quote?

By contacting the Texaa business representative of your region by telephone or e-mail and leaving your contact details and what you need. We will send you a quote promptly.

How can I order Texaa products?

Our products are manufactured in our workshop and made available to order. Just contact the Texaa business representative of your region. If you already have a quote, you can also contact the person handling your order: the name is at the top left of your quote.

How do I get my products installed?

Joiners and upholsterers are the best skilled to install our products easily. We work regularly with some professionals, who we can recommend. If you have a tradesperson, who you trust, we can support him/her. You can find our installation instructions and tips here.

Got a technical question?

All our technical data sheets are here. Your regional Texaa business representative can also help; please feel free to contact him/her.

Can I have an appointment?

Our business representatives travel every day to installation sites and to see our customers. Please feel free to contact them and suggest the best dates and times for you, preferably by e-mail.

Lead times

Our products are manufactured to order. Our standard manufacturing time is 3 weeks for most of our products. Non-standard products take from 5 weeks. We also perform miracles on a regular basis! Please feel free to contact us.

Who should I call?

To get a quote, a delivery time or technical information, we recommend you call your regional Texaa business representative, who you can find here.

Order tracking

If you need information about your order, please contact the person in charge of handling it: the name is at the top left of your quote.