Light and colour

The Pentola is shared by three architecture and urban development agencies and is situated in a renovated loft covering some 170 m2, bathed in natural light and enlivened by colour. The colours are bright, like a bright and breezy signature, their strong hues clearly voiced in monochromes of yellow, blue and red, entering into lively dialogue and imbuing the building with a sense of resolute modernity.

‘When I first met these young architects’, Sébastien Castéra, Texaa’s representative for Brittany, explains, ‘they were busy setting up their new workshop. I introduced them to a range of Texaa fabrics and products, but they were already quite clear about what they wanted – blinds fitted in front of the glazed frontage, together with a long curtain hung from a circular rail to conceal the kitchenette at the centre of the open space, as and when required. They immediately saw how best to use our range of colours and chose very bright tones – after all, Brest is not the sunniest city in the world, at the best of times! They spent quite a lot of time touching, stroking and scratching my samples of Aeria, examining them on both sides, and while one of them expressed a liking for the dry texture of the knit, his colleague liked its softness… They had real reasons for wanting to use our products, demanding considerable financial investment on the part of a young team of architects who were just setting out. I was very impressed by this and committed myself to the project as I would have done for my own offices!’
Over and above the visual impact and concealing effect of these slatted blinds and curtain, the main role of our products is to enhance the acoustic comfort of this particularly echoing space, a result of the large glazed surfaces. This is not something which can be photographed, but its beneficial effect may be enjoyed by everyone, day after day.

Project name: Co-working Pentola

Year to be delivered: 2016

Town-city / Country: Brest, France

Project owner or contracting authority: SCI Pentola

Architect: Laboratoire d’architecture de Bretagne, TLPA et Annaig Salaun, architectes associés

Photographer: Stéphane Chalmeau

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