Open, elegant
and resolutely contemporary…

‘This was quite a tricky project,’ Frédéric Druot, head architect, explains, ‘notably in terms of organising the interior space available into an open, elegant working environment which would be at once convivial and contemporary in feel, both on the ground floor where the stone vaulting is some seven metres high and in the attic spaces with their listed roof timbering.’

As acoustic comfort was a priority, Frédéric Druot got in contact with Texaa®. ‘We’ve been working together for over twenty years’, Gonzague d’Audiffret, Texaa® project manager for the Paris region explains. ‘Back then, he had asked us to make some acoustic cones for the temporary library at the Pompidou Centre – and those cones then made it into our permanent range of Abso acoustic accessories. The Laennec renovation project was much more complex, with a very short completion deadline and technical difficulties which were hard to anticipate at times. Frédéric Druot wanted to work with us to determine the most fitting acoustic solution.’

In the end they decided to use Vibrasto 03, stretched into place in situ, thereby enabling the team to solve fitting problems directly, as and when they arose, which would have been impossible with standardised products.

‘This was a major project for us’, Gonzague d’Audiffret explains, ‘involving over 4 000 m2 of Vibrasto 03 ceilings – that’s twice the surface area we fitted at the Islamic Arts department at the Louvre Museum. We also incorporated Stereo panels directly into the ceiling and Vibrasto was used over the walls and to cover large furnishing features structuring the space… Frédéric Druot also wished to use acoustic absorbers in a glazed atrium and had thought we would be able to ‘glue’ them directly onto the metal framework. Everyone, including us, told him that would break all the fire safety regulations. He stuck to his guns, saying ‘Texaa® will find a solution!’ and indeed we did. We used Abso ceiling pads and fixed them to the frame using magnets.’

Project name: Site Laennec, Siège social de Kering et Balenciaga

Year to be delivered: 2016

Town-city / Country: Paris, France

Project owner or contracting authority: Allianz, propriétaire du site

Architect: Frédéric Druot, architecte, associé co-traitant ACMH Benjamin Mouton

Photographer: Frédéric Druot Architecture

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